“A child is like a book,

you should read and also write in it.”

(Peter Rosegger)

The goal of menian FOUNDATION is to help children around the world in severe emergencies regardless of their nationality, social standing or confession, in order to improve their living situation on a long term basis. We hope to help as much children in need as we can by giving a monetary donation and also in our active work within the different projects in africa. The menian FOUNDATION is chaired by Mrs. Anita Cremerius-Gutschner and Mr. Joerg Gutschner and is a formally recognized charitable foundation with the authority to issue receipts for tax deductions. The menian FOUNDATION is held in trust by the Kinderfonds Foundation, (Stiftung Kinderfonds) in Munich which represents over 60 foundations. Thus, upcoming costs for administration can be minimized to the most necessary. The costs will be beared by family Gutschner, so we can proudly say, that 100% of the donations will reach the children and benefit the work within the different projects. Within the menian HOLDING Ltd. we have commited ourself to donate the annual profit after tax of our subsidiary-company menian TRAVEL Ltd. to the menian FOUNDATION, to provide children a better life.